Monthly Meetings

The monthly meetings are held at at the COWSHACC, Welshpool, where you can catch up with what's happening in the U3A. These meetings are during the morning of the first Tuesday of each month, opening doors at 09.45 to start the meeting at 10.30 until noon.
We usually have a speaker on a topic of general interest, with an Open Meeting in August. Entrance for members is free, with a cup of tea/coffee for an extra 50p. Non-members are welcome for a taster visit (not available for December) and also pay 50p for refreshment. (See How to Join Us page.)


Please note that the programme may be subject to alteration if speakers cancel at short notice. There will always be an alternative speaker who may cover a different topic.

2019 Speaker/Activity
  6th Aug   Members / Open day
  3rd Sep   Janet Boult "India"
  1st Oct   Yvonne Mason "Tales From Westminster Abbey"
  5th Nov   Phil Ranson "Phil's Obsessions"
  3rd Dec   Rev Peter Wyatt "Talking Hands"
2020 Speaker/Activity
7th Jan   Amanda Roberts "Mindfulness"
4th Feb   Sue Cooper "The Yew Tree"
3rd Mar   AGM followed by Ian and Karin Thompson "Chernobyl: Before and After". An illustrated talk touching on the history of Chernobyl and some local links to Mid-Wales, and exploring some surprising aspects of Chernobyl today. The presentation includes contemporary photographs of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.
  7th Apr  Brian Mills "Percy Rudolph Broemel, Gentleman or Charlatan" to  include the demise of the Austro Hungarian Empire, a survivor of the Black Hole of Calcutta and Charlie Brown