Earth Sciences

We interpret Earth Sciences very widely. It is anything connected with the Earth, so can include Natural History, Ecology, Planetary Science, as well as the usual stuff like Geology, Climatology and what we used to call Geography when we went to school.
We like to wander round our subject, and wander round the landscape!
Our meetings are usually on the second Thursday afternoon of the month. Meetings start at 2pm in small room at the Cowshacc Welshpool. Outdoor trips are as indicated.

2019 dates

  • February: 14th  The Carboniferous Period. (359 to 299 MYA, tropical forest, high oxygen levels, huge animals, climate change and how today’s coal was formed.) Talk by Arthur Bell
  • March:14th  Fracking, talk by Martin Jenkins Dip. Surv. Environment Agency
    (Our own energy, why not use it? Economics, politics, global warming)
  • April: 11th  Game keeping, talk by Lee Allison, Head Game keeper at Leighton Estates (get informed on a local industry)
  • May: 9th  Zero Carbon Britain, talk by Arthur Bell (If we are serious about stopping global warming we need to stop increasing CO2 into the atmosphere and this according to CAT ( Centre for alternative energy) is what it takes)
  • June: 13th A trip to explore the Montgomery canal.
  • July: 11th  Old Maps, Talk by Bob Sylvester ex director of Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust
  • August: 8th  Much Wenlock. Visit to the 700 year medieval old town with its
    priory, holy wells and museum all situated on the Wenlock Edge Silurian period
    limestone escarpment. Organiser Arthur Bell
  • September: 12th  Visit to renovated Flax Mill at Shrewsbury. Organiser, Freda
    Bass Guided tour starts 2 pm at the Mill St Michael St Cost pp £4
  • October: 10th   Navigation at sea by Paul Ives, single handed transatlantic sailor
  • November: 14th  Talk on the Montgomery Canal by Michael Limbrey
  • December: 12th  Road building by Materials Engineer Richard Barlow